Jeffrey F. Leon

Jeff earned a BA, summa cum laude, in Classics and Archaeology from the George Washington University in 2007 and is currently pursuing a PhD in Classical Archaeology in the Department of Classics at Cornell University.  His research interests include the ancient economy, scientific applications to archaeological research, archaeological theory, and the role of Classics in the modern university.  His dissertation project, entitled “Beyond ‘Counting Sheep’: Isotopic Approaches to Minoan and Late Cypriot Wool Production Economies,” attempts to better understand the Minoan and Late Cypriot political economies using isotopic analyses to track shepherding strategies in Late Bronze Age Crete and Cyprus.  Jeff has been with the KAMBE Project since the beginning and is involved in all facets of field and lab work, but especially GPR.  He has also been a member of archaeological projects in Honduras, Israel, Crete and Armenia.

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