The settlement cluster at Maroni (including Maroni-Vournes, Maroni-Tsaroukkas, Maroni-Kapsaloudhia, and Maroni-Aspres) is located in the Maroni  (Ayiou Mina) River Valley, less than 3 km southwest of the modern village of Maroni.  Although visited by a British Museum expedition in the late 19th century (with a more or less explicit goal of tomb hunting), systematic  excavations began in earnest in the 1980s and continued into the 1990s under the direction of Gerald Cadogan, revealed a monumental complex at Maroni-Vournes, that includes the large Ashlar built and the West Building, which may have served as an administrative center in the region during the LCII period (Cadogan 1996).  Pedestrian survey conducted by the Maroni Valley Archaeological Survey Project, directed by Dr. Sturt Manning in the mid-1990s suggested an overall continuous, if somewhat dispersed, Late Cypriot urban area extending some 15-25 hectares down to the shoreline.  This includes the monumental structures at Vournes and a likely craft production area and potential trading port at Maroni-Tsaroukkas along the coast.  Excavations, also directed by Manning, were undertaken at Tsaroukkas in the 1990s and unearthed two buildings structures along the cost with artifacts indicative of craft production.

At Maroni, our primary questions are related to the density and anatomy of the Late Bronze Age settlement there, and we aim, in particular, to investigate the nature of the relationship between the known Late Cypriot structures at Maroni-Vournes and Maroni-Tsaroukkas.  Our project asks: what was happening in between?

Previous interpretations have suggested that Maroni-Vournes may have been conceptually separated from Tsaroukkas, while pedestrian survey with the MVASP project implies that Vournes served as an administrative and ideological center with Tsaroukkas acting as a coastal port and production site.  Using geophysical survey, KAMBE aims to provide data for analyzing this relationship.

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