Michael “Bodhi” Rogers

Co-Director (2008-2012)

Dr. Rogers specializes in improving the accuracy and efficiency of archaeogeophysics, which uses magnetometry, magnetic susceptibility, conductivity, resistivity, and ground-penetrating radar to “see” under the ground without digging.  His laboratory has a full suite of archaeogeophysics instruments, which he uses to examine and explore archaeological and environmental science sites while refining the equipment.  These sites have included American Revolutionary War battlefields, Late Bronze Age cities in Cyprus and Native American sites in Central New York.

Dr. Rogers is also interested in strategies to improve physics and astronomy instruction and is collaborating in a controlled 3-year study to measure and compare undergraduate learning acquired in a traditional lecture hall approach to a performance-based smart SCALE-UP (Student Centered Activities for Large Enrollment University Programs) classroom model.  National Science Foundation grants support these studies.

Dr. Roger’s Ithaca College website

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